Tut Keyboard Android App Review

If you love chatting on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger , LINE, WeChat or any other social networking sites and you are looking for an app that will make your chatting experience livelier, more fun and personalized then look no more. With Tut Keyboard you can use words, photos, stickers, emoji and text in your chat to convey your real thoughts. You can also add pictures from your gallery using your Tut’s plus button. They can be your own pictures or pictures of things you do or places you love. The most convenient feature of the cool Tut Keyboard is that you don’t have to write whole word or sentence, you can simply do it with one touch using Tut Glyphs keys.

How to use it???

There is brilliance in every step of designing this amazing keyboard. First start Tut then press and hold the green arrow to select your messaging app. If there are no Tut messages to read press the green arrow. If you want to send a Tut message then press the green arrow. If you want to exit the Tut exit it using Home key not the back key.

The app creates a pyramid of the icons, words and phrases you use making it easier and faster to choose what it is that you want to insert in your chat.

Tut Keyboard just made chatting so much more fun and expressive. So what are you waiting for?

Available On Android