Sweetie Maze 3D IOS Game Review

If you love mazes and you love candy, then here is Sweetie Maze 3D to cater to your love for both. It is a fun filled game involving a 3D candy maze. You’re stuck in the maze and you need to get out of it as soon as possible. You only have a very limited time to find your way out.

The game has amazing 3D graphics and a very easy to understand game play. As you progress from one level to another the level of difficulty goes on increasing. There is a map that helps you in finding your way out. The map is made available for a limited time thus you have to be alert.

You can also jump that allows you to check the right way. Jumping and running decrease your stamina and is displayed on the stamina bar. You can also collect candies on our way out of the maze. They have amazing bonuses associated with them.

– Green candy – 30 seconds more to pass the maze
– Blue candy – your jump height increases
– Red candy – an endless stamina for a limited time
– Pink candy – extra time to view the map
– Orange candy – speed up a player for a while
– Yellow candy – boost stamina

The mazes at each of the 6 levels are made up of different candies. If you get out of the maze without exhausting all the available time then the unused time is used to multiply the coins you have earned. With more coins you can easily unlock the successive levels.

Sweetie Maze 3D is an amazing game for boys and girls of all age groups alike. Complex yet fun, it is one candy game you must have!

Available On IOS