Rat Race: Legend of the Rex IOS App Game Review

You must have heard the popular saying that life is a race and all of us are rats running with all our might to get ahead of each other and win. But what happens when we win the race? We are still a rat, aren’t we? So here is Rat Race, a wonderful fun app that depicts this real life scenario in a super fun and exciting manner.

Special Features:

  1. Rat Race comes action packed with some super exciting features.
  2. The game has spectacular graphics and is full of colours.
  3. The game play of Rat Race is quite addictive that will never let you get bored of playing it over and over.
  4. You can discover your instinct capacity as you speed through the environments of a rat dodging obstacles
  5. You have to keep away from Sam, the Security Cat and you’re good to go.

Available On IOS

Demo Video