Savvy Fly Tying Tool IOS App Review


How did you feel when you went on the fly fishing trip but had to come back because you didn’t have all the materials you needed to tie the fly? Not great, of course. With Savvy Fly Tying Tool you can bid goodbye to all your fly tying problems. This app has specially been made to keep all you anglers out there ready with all the tying equipment for the fly that you want.

With Savvy Fly Tying Tool you can pursue your hobby without having to worry about updating tying supplies and organizing the tackle boxes.

Special Features:

The special features of Savvy Fly Tying Tool make it one of the best apps that prepare you with all that you need for your next fly fishing trip.

  • You can choose the fly you want according to the pattern name
  • You can add the picture or take a photo of your favourite flies
  • Using the Smart Shopping List feature you can prepare a shopping list of what you need
  • With this app you can see what fly tying supplies you have on hand at a glance

Once you have tied all the flies you need you can add them to the fly box in the app. This way you can keep a record of what you have when you go to the next fishing trip.

Happy fishing!

Available On IOS

Price: $1.99