Tastebud IOS App Review

At times you are very confused about which movie to watch, which book to read, what music to listen and you have no one to tell you what would fit your taste. Tastebud has especially been designed to help you in such grave times of need. It is a simple and fun app for friends to share recommendations on movies, music, books, TV, podcasts and apps. You can ask your friends and for specific recommendations and you can also share your current obsessions. So whenever you are frustrated about not being able to figure out what to watch, read or listen to all you need to do is open Tastebud, ask for a recommendation and your problem is solved.

How to use it???

The app is extremely user friendly. You just need to customize your feed by filtering out any of the six entertainment categories you’re not interested in. You can also discover great entertainment content by following people you know and other influencers using this app. whenever a friend needs a recommendation, you get a notification. If your friend accepts your recommendation, you get a follower!

With Tastebud in your device there’s no more time to waste as there are a lot of movies to watch, books to read and music to listen!

Available On IOS