AZZL IOS App Review

Are you tired of playing similar games since the beginning of time? Are you looking for a game that is more relaxing than tiring? AZZL is one game that perfectly fits your requirements. This amazing, fantastical game takes you back to dive into the memories of your childhood where you spent each day watching mindless cartoons. AZZL is the perfect blend of fun and exciting puzzles and super cute cartoons to help you enjoy a time without any botherations.


The fun and amusing puzzles based on real fantasies make AZZL one of the best ways to pass your time leisurely. It is packed with great features that include:

  • Works with any finger
  • Automatic pretending
  • Hours of minutes
  • A new techee every yesterday
  • Gluten free

Get your hands on AZZL and get ready for a fun and exciting journey into the world of cartoons.

Available On IOS

Price: $2.99




Sweetie Maze 3D IOS Game Review

If you love mazes and you love candy, then here is Sweetie Maze 3D to cater to your love for both. It is a fun filled game involving a 3D candy maze. You’re stuck in the maze and you need to get out of it as soon as possible. You only have a very limited time to find your way out.

The game has amazing 3D graphics and a very easy to understand game play. As you progress from one level to another the level of difficulty goes on increasing. There is a map that helps you in finding your way out. The map is made available for a limited time thus you have to be alert.

You can also jump that allows you to check the right way. Jumping and running decrease your stamina and is displayed on the stamina bar. You can also collect candies on our way out of the maze. They have amazing bonuses associated with them.

– Green candy – 30 seconds more to pass the maze
– Blue candy – your jump height increases
– Red candy – an endless stamina for a limited time
– Pink candy – extra time to view the map
– Orange candy – speed up a player for a while
– Yellow candy – boost stamina

The mazes at each of the 6 levels are made up of different candies. If you get out of the maze without exhausting all the available time then the unused time is used to multiply the coins you have earned. With more coins you can easily unlock the successive levels.

Sweetie Maze 3D is an amazing game for boys and girls of all age groups alike. Complex yet fun, it is one candy game you must have!

Available On IOS




Maze Fiesta IOS App Review

Pure fun and sheer brilliance is how you would define Maze Fiesta. The game requires you to solve challenging mazes and if you are successful you get real money as the prize for being so smart! This game has over 700 Challenging Levels which means you can go on playing it without getting bored. Maze Fiesta has been designed with amazing graphics that are detailed enough to make you fall in love with the look of the game the very first time you play it. The sound effects of the game are superb and you can be sure of getting a realistic gaming experience once you have played Maze Fiesta.

How to play it?????

With an attractive interface and an interesting game play Maze Fiesta is a game that will keep you coming back for more. To play the game you must place the correct sequence of pieces on a pathway, in order to help sexy TINA and smart TIM safely exit each labyrinth, and find as many special “magic tickets” as possible. Collecting more and more magic tickets in your pyramid will help you win real money.

You can play a single player game for as long as you want. If you are looking for more competition then you can challenge a friend of yours to play against you. Anyone who is above the age of 9 can easily play this game.

Looks like an easy game but will challenge even the best of the gamers out there. Try Maze Fiesta today and win some money, for real!

Available On IOS



Tastebud IOS App Review

At times you are very confused about which movie to watch, which book to read, what music to listen and you have no one to tell you what would fit your taste. Tastebud has especially been designed to help you in such grave times of need. It is a simple and fun app for friends to share recommendations on movies, music, books, TV, podcasts and apps. You can ask your friends and for specific recommendations and you can also share your current obsessions. So whenever you are frustrated about not being able to figure out what to watch, read or listen to all you need to do is open Tastebud, ask for a recommendation and your problem is solved.

How to use it???

The app is extremely user friendly. You just need to customize your feed by filtering out any of the six entertainment categories you’re not interested in. You can also discover great entertainment content by following people you know and other influencers using this app. whenever a friend needs a recommendation, you get a notification. If your friend accepts your recommendation, you get a follower!

With Tastebud in your device there’s no more time to waste as there are a lot of movies to watch, books to read and music to listen!

Available On IOS