7 Minutes Pro -Health & Fitness App Review

The risk of your body being prone to diseases is directly related to how healthy your body is. In today’s modern times when people are out and about running after professional success they hardly have any time left to work out and exercise. 7 minutes pro has especially been designed to solve this problem.   This app will help the user to burn maximum calories in just 7 minutes.

Special features of the app:-

  1. This app can act as your personal gym buddy as it motivates you to do 7 minutes of exercise daily.
  2. Using this app you can reach their goals of reducing weight by just doing a workout of 7 minutes on a daily basis.
  3. There is an option of customized workout in the app using which you can edit the number of cycles, rest time etc.
  4. The app has video tutorials that guide you during your workout.
  5. You can control the video player using your apple watch while working out.

With 7 minutes pro installed in your device and 7 minutes to spare from your schedule, you can be the master of a healthy body.

Available On IOS