Diabetes & Diet Tracker Android App Review

Diabetes or pre-diabetes is a challenging disease to live with, especially if you are one of those special sweet lovers who just cannot resist eating anything that’s sweet or high in carb. With this undying love for sweets on one hand and diabetes on the other it becomes difficult to monitor blood glucose on a daily basis. Diabetes & Diet Tracker is a one stop app that lets you check your blood sugar, helps you to eat diabetes friendly diet and exercise on a regular basis.


If you are a pre-diabetic then Diabetes & Diet Tracker will monitor your symptoms and medication. The app is an easy way to learn the quantity of carbohydrates in your food. The app lets you know everything there is to know about diabetes.

By acting as a monitor to the food you eat Diabetes & Diet Tracker will direct you to lose weight and stay fit. If you are going on the higher scale of eating unhealthy and diabetes aiding food the app will inform you that you need to control.

Diabetes & Diet Tracker is a domestic and cost effective way of being health conscious and realizing that in order to stay fit you need to bring about a change in your lifestyle. It is an amazing app that shows you the big picture of your blood glucose factors in terms of daily and weekly analysis through a comprehensive set of charts and reports.

Diabetes & Diet Tracker is the number one way for you to understand blood glucose, food, nutrition, weight loss, carb counting and diet management.

Stop being overwhelmed with the decline in your fitness prom your previous visit to your doctor to the next visit.

Get Diabetes & Diet Tracker today!

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Azuon Flight Search Android App Review

Sometimes, especially in emergencies you need an app that would ease out for you the process of searching the best flights available at cheapest rates. Azuon Flight Search helps you with just that.

You can stop wasting your time and energy trying to plan a cost efficient trip for you. With Azuon Flight Search and its intelligent algorithm in execution you can be sure of getting the cheap fares advertised by airlines such as Ryanair, Southwest or Fly Dubai.


You can easily trust Azuon Flight Search to plan affordable multi way trips. The app combines direct flights with low cost airlines. With just a single tap you can search for amazing travelling destinations and the flight cost on different dates. Azuon Flight Search searches for the entire date range so you do not need to worry about entering the exact dates and airports especially if you don’t know when or where to fly.

The app includes flexible searching features for entire countries and regions, map search, search by month, a specific date or any date range. Azuon Flight Search comes in 7 languages and supports more than 40 different currencies.

With 50 most popular budget airlines in the world, Azuon Flight Search is the perfect travel planner for you.

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Weather Forecast Wallpaper Android App Review

Bored of the same wallpaper? Try adding some creative effects in it with the very new Weather Forecast Wallpaper app. This is one of the best personalization apps available in the market. Using this app you can add weather effects to your static wallpaper for a beautiful and artistic wallpaper experience. Whether the app is installed on your phone or tablet, you never have to worry about changing the weather manually. It changes automatically depending on the weather outside. You won’t even notice the little amount of your device’s battery the app consumes.

Special features of the app

  1. You can add awesome weather effects on top of your wallpaper
  2. If you don’t like the weather outside and are in mood of some change then acting God to your mobile phone you can change the weather on you wallpaper using the app.
  3. This app consumes very low battery.
  4. You can pick the effects that you want by customizing.

Get Weather Forecast Wallpaper today!

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Tut Keyboard Android App Review

If you love chatting on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger , LINE, WeChat or any other social networking sites and you are looking for an app that will make your chatting experience livelier, more fun and personalized then look no more. With Tut Keyboard you can use words, photos, stickers, emoji and text in your chat to convey your real thoughts. You can also add pictures from your gallery using your Tut’s plus button. They can be your own pictures or pictures of things you do or places you love. The most convenient feature of the cool Tut Keyboard is that you don’t have to write whole word or sentence, you can simply do it with one touch using Tut Glyphs keys.

How to use it???

There is brilliance in every step of designing this amazing keyboard. First start Tut then press and hold the green arrow to select your messaging app. If there are no Tut messages to read press the green arrow. If you want to send a Tut message then press the green arrow. If you want to exit the Tut exit it using Home key not the back key.

The app creates a pyramid of the icons, words and phrases you use making it easier and faster to choose what it is that you want to insert in your chat.

Tut Keyboard just made chatting so much more fun and expressive. So what are you waiting for?

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Auto Forward SMS Android App Review

Any app that helps save time in the moments of need or save energy that could fruitfully be invested somewhere else, all while getting your work done is nothing less than great. Auto Forward
app is a brilliant communications app which instructs your mobile phone to automatically forward a text message you receive from a number to selected people in your cell phone contacts. It is very useful app for all the times you are in a meeting and cannot reply to texts. All you have to do is use the app to send the message to a specific person or a group of people when you receive a text from a particular number.

Special features of the app:-

  1. If there is any fire, flood, storm, hurricane, cyclone, tornado then this app sends Emergency Services SMS Warnings.
  2. If there is any Club Functions then this app helps you send SMS updates forwarded onto deputies and other staff keeping them informed.
  3. If you receive any important news via SMS you can have it forwarded to people that should know about it.

There is so much that you can accomplish with this wonderful time and energy saving app. Time is precious, get Auto Forward SMS now!

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