AZZL IOS App Review

Are you tired of playing similar games since the beginning of time? Are you looking for a game that is more relaxing than tiring? AZZL is one game that perfectly fits your requirements. This amazing, fantastical game takes you back to dive into the memories of your childhood where you spent each day watching mindless cartoons. AZZL is the perfect blend of fun and exciting puzzles and super cute cartoons to help you enjoy a time without any botherations.


The fun and amusing puzzles based on real fantasies make AZZL one of the best ways to pass your time leisurely. It is packed with great features that include:

  • Works with any finger
  • Automatic pretending
  • Hours of minutes
  • A new techee every yesterday
  • Gluten free

Get your hands on AZZL and get ready for a fun and exciting journey into the world of cartoons.

Available On IOS

Price: $2.99