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7 Minutes Pro -Health & Fitness App Review

The risk of your body being prone to diseases is directly related to how healthy your body is. In today’s modern times when people are out and about running after professional success they hardly have any time left to work out and exercise. 7 minutes pro has especially been designed to solve this problem.   This […]

Rat Race: Legend of the Rex IOS App Game Review

You must have heard the popular saying that life is a race and all of us are rats running with all our might to get ahead of each other and win. But what happens when we win the race? We are still a rat, aren’t we? So here is Rat Race, a wonderful fun app […]

Bowling Paradise 3 Android App Review

Bowling can never be a boring sport and when it’s bowling in variegated locations, each equally stunning and beautiful, there is no way you can stay away from it. Here is Bowling Paradise 3 that has been amalgamated using the best features of its predecessors to create a bowling treat for all its gamers.  With […]

Flappy XMAS Rooster App Review

  Gifts constitute a prominently integral part of the Christmas celebration and with Santa having to bear the responsibility of giving away the gifts to children all over the world, things can get tough, given his old age. Here is the Flappy Xmas Rooster that will share Santa’s burden. All you have to do is […]