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AZZL IOS App Review

Are you tired of playing similar games since the beginning of time? Are you looking for a game that is more relaxing than tiring? AZZL is one game that perfectly fits your requirements. This amazing, fantastical game takes you back to dive into the memories of your childhood where you spent each day watching mindless […]


Diabetes & Diet Tracker Android App Review

Diabetes or pre-diabetes is a challenging disease to live with, especially if you are one of those special sweet lovers who just cannot resist eating anything that’s sweet or high in carb. With this undying love for sweets on one hand and diabetes on the other it becomes difficult to monitor blood glucose on a […]


Sweetie Maze 3D IOS Game Review

If you love mazes and you love candy, then here is Sweetie Maze 3D to cater to your love for both. It is a fun filled game involving a 3D candy maze. You’re stuck in the maze and you need to get out of it as soon as possible. You only have a very limited […]


Azuon Flight Search Android App Review

Sometimes, especially in emergencies you need an app that would ease out for you the process of searching the best flights available at cheapest rates. Azuon Flight Search helps you with just that. You can stop wasting your time and energy trying to plan a cost efficient trip for you. With Azuon Flight Search and […]


Maze Fiesta IOS App Review

Pure fun and sheer brilliance is how you would define Maze Fiesta. The game requires you to solve challenging mazes and if you are successful you get real money as the prize for being so smart! This game has over 700 Challenging Levels which means you can go on playing it without getting bored. Maze […]


Weather Forecast Wallpaper Android App Review

Bored of the same wallpaper? Try adding some creative effects in it with the very new Weather Forecast Wallpaper app. This is one of the best personalization apps available in the market. Using this app you can add weather effects to your static wallpaper for a beautiful and artistic wallpaper experience. Whether the app is installed […]


Tut Keyboard Android App Review

If you love chatting on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger , LINE, WeChat or any other social networking sites and you are looking for an app that will make your chatting experience livelier, more fun and personalized then look no more. With Tut Keyboard you can use words, photos, stickers, emoji and text in your chat to […]


Tastebud IOS App Review

At times you are very confused about which movie to watch, which book to read, what music to listen and you have no one to tell you what would fit your taste. Tastebud has especially been designed to help you in such grave times of need. It is a simple and fun app for friends […]


Auto Forward SMS Android App Review

Any app that helps save time in the moments of need or save energy that could fruitfully be invested somewhere else, all while getting your work done is nothing less than great. Auto Forward SMS app is a brilliant communications app which instructs your mobile phone to automatically forward a text message you receive from […]

Savvy Fly Tying Tool IOS App Review

  How did you feel when you went on the fly fishing trip but had to come back because you didn’t have all the materials you needed to tie the fly? Not great, of course. With Savvy Fly Tying Tool you can bid goodbye to all your fly tying problems. This app has specially been […]